What is Transformational Coaching?

If you think about the word “transform” it, means to turn from one thing to another, like the now popular movie “Transformers”, where a car becomes a powerful robot.  Like this, transformational coaching is about shifting the way you see yourself, the way you behave, and the way you show up in the world.


Improved in Leadership Effectiveness

Agilent Technologies, the Alliance for Strategic Leadership found that 78 percent of participants improved their leadership effectiveness after receiving coaching.


Use Coaching

Nearly 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use executive coaches to produce better leaders faster.*

*Source “Coached To Lead” by Susan Battley.

on ROI

A 2001 study by Manchester Consulting of Executives who received coaching, showed an average ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment.

What is Your Role in the Transformational Coaching Process?

Oftentimes, we allow other’s beliefs about us or their negative words to shape us and we tend to no longer see ourselves as whole and complete. As a result, we start to believe that we lack something and begin to create compensating behaviors that make up for those limiting beliefs. So we find ourselves using words like I should have, I could have and someday I will be. You will be challenged to take courageous behavior, elevate limiting beliefs and experience the benefits that intentional living brings.

Transformational Coaching Services Include:

  1. Leadership Assessment
  2. Debrief of the Assessment
  3. Development of SMART goals
  4. Monthly Coaching Sessions
  5. Check-in with Management

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