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Sarah Guzman shares her insight on the topic.

Has anyone ever told you, “Have confidence and you will do well!”  Easier said than done, how do you build that confidence?  Is it a gift?  Are you born with it? Can you buy it? Confidence is built over time, the more successes you have, the more confident you will be.  Confidence comes from solid achievements.  Here are some examples of things I do to gain confidence:

– Trust in yourself, ignore the negative self-talk.
– Think positive and believe that you can be successful
– Focus on the situation and envision it being successful
– Research ahead of time and learn as much as you can about the subject you are trying to tackle
– Stand up for what you believe is right
– Be willing to take risks, even if that means you may fail
– Admit your mistakes and learn from them
– Accept compliments

If you work on each of these points, you will soon start to develop confidence in your life.  Someone once told me.  When you walk into a room, think of a white beautiful Swan.  When you see a Swan in the lake, you see it’s beauty, it’s confident posture gliding through the water, but, what we don’t see is what is happening below the water, the constant moving of the feet to move the little Swan across.  This metaphor has stayed with me ever since and I play it in my mind when I find myself in a new situation.  Remember, confidence is built over time and we have to work at it day after day.

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