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Absolutely love Spring, all the new buds on the trees, the smells of the hyacinths, and just being able to see green grass again.  I’m already thinking about scheduling time on my calendar to plant my summer flowers, since this takes careful planning.  I want to buy flowers when I can actually plant them, otherwise I will buy a bunch of flowers that will quickly die. Spring is also the time, to put away the winter attire and bring out the summer shorts and bathing suits and flip flops. It’s one of the things I don’t enjoy doing, but it has to be done otherwise I will never be able to leave the house on time since I will have to dig through lots of bags looking for the right outfit as the weather warms up.

Spring is a great metaphor for what happens when we begin to take actions towards the life we really want to have.  We can begin with a blank slate, in which you have the freedom to write about what you really want your life to look like.  In my new book, Designing Your Life Plan, I walk you through the entire process of how to start the design of your life, how to examine it and challenge your plan, and then how to put the plan in motion.  In the next few months, I will walk you through the chapters of my book, to get you going.  It’s time to plant your first seed.  In Chapter 1, I talk about the routines in your life, we all have them, some routines are very good, but many routines are limiting your life.  I taught a class on this the other day, and I heard the class name a few:  watching too much TV, checking emails incessantly, being on Facebook all day long, etc., etc., etc.  Routines make us feel comfortable, because we don’t have to think about other things we really want to do.   We use our routines to say we are to busy to do the things that will move us towards the life we really want to have, so we are always talking about a some day, one day life.  So the first thing, you need to do is to identify all your routines.  Next, you need to examine each routine to assess whether it is a good routine, or a limiting routine.

Next time we are going to talk about “control”.  What do you really control.  If you want to read more on how to design your Life Plan, buy my Designing Your Life Plan book.

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