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A word from Jacqueline Camacho Ruiz:

Effective communication is more than the words that are spoken. As a young girl growing up in Mexico, I read books by Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and others. One of the most important lessons I learned from these books was that the better you can be at communicating your message, the more successful you can be. These lessons became even more important when I moved to the United States and had to learn a new language.

Throughout school, I remembered the lessons from these fantastic books and I practiced them. Now, I am a successful business owner and I truly understand the power of effective communication. In business, women need to know how to communicate effectively with everyone. This skill will help avoid misunderstandings that can stand in the way of your success. For Latina women, this is especially true. By getting our messages across clearly, we can boost our workplace potential.

To get the results we want and to reach our goals, we must learn to communicate effectively with our team. People tend to remember action steps, clear directions and specific goals especially when it is delivered in an engaging manner.   Fewer words are key, but make sure you are genuine and you take time to listen and are able to reflect back what you heard.  Remember, body language including tone and rate of speech are 93% of communication.


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