Meet Luz Canino-Baker, MBA, ACC

“Be in control of your life by living each day unhindered and unrestrained by the legitimate institutions that try to control you.” Canino-Baker

Making an Influential Shift

Luz’s professional career spans 35 years where she gained leadership experience that has made her an influential leader. She also attributes her grit and determination to her years as a single mother of three children while going to school part-time for her undergraduate degree in management, and later earning an MBA from The University of Chicago’s Booth Graduate School of Business while working full-time as a banking executive. She became a vice president at JPMorgan Chase during her 28-year career where she worked with leading Fortune 100 companies. Moreover, it was her passion and emotional intelligence that allowed her to manage high-performing teams who brought their best to work everyday. Today, Luz transforms emerging leaders and executives with assessments, coaching and leadership workshops.


  • Certified by the International Coach Federation
  • Certified in Myers Briggs
  • Certified in Insights Discovery
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence
  • Certified in Hogan
  • Certified in Enterprise KII®
  • Certified Retreat Coach
  • Certified Group Coach


  • Recognized as Chicago’s Business Leaders of Color in 2007
  • Recognized as Top 100 Under 50 by Diversity MBA Magazine in 2009
  • Recognized as a Women of Distinction in Chicago’s Western Suburbs in 2014
  • Recognized as UCAN’s Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador of the Year in 2014
  • Recognized with Reflejos Reflecting Excellence Award in 2017

Early Trials Awaken Luz’s Transformational Leadership to Redesign Her Life

Born and raised in a very large family, Luz attended inner-city public schools and quickly felt the sting of stereotypes as a minority living on the south-side of Chicago. At age 21, Luz’s dreams of becoming a bi-lingual teacher faded when she married and shifted her career to that of management. After a divorce, Luz was left to raise three young children using grit and determination. It would take eight long years for Luz to complete an undergraduate degree in management at DePaul University, but she felt that she was able to take what she was learning and apply it in real time back at the office.

Motivated to continue her education, Luz courageously applied to the highly competitive University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business and was accepted. During this time, she worked tirelessly on the weekends to earn her MBA and dedicated all of her personal time to being a full-time mother and a banking executive.

In 2009, Luz made a deliberate choice to start her own business, LNC Coaching, LLC. She has coached over 500 professionals in the greater Chicago area and abroad who now lead with influence, authority and confidence. Luz’s life passion is to develop great leaders and to encourage philanthropy. She is also the Founder and President of Latinas On The Plaza,™ a non-profit organization dedicated to help advance junior and senior-executive women who seek greater influence and impact.

Published Books

Designing Your Life Plan: Breaking Your Limiting Routines to Step into Intentional Living

Today’s Inspired Latina: Life Stories of Success in The Face of Adversity (Volume 1)


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