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Interview Nely Galan (Click to view interview)

Last month, I blogged about the purchasing power that Latinas have, and so I found this great interview with Nely Galan who is speaking about the same thing.  My favorite quote in the clip is when she says ” Women should stop buying shoes and instead buy buildings.”  She goes on to explain how she did this, and went on to make significant profit off the buildings she purchased.  I don’t know about you, but that excites me.  I’ve been doing my own informal research asking women about how they spend their money, and to no surprise the women are investing their money not only in their households but also in the household of their parents.  Having just come back from a trip to Puerto Rico to visit my parents, I can tell you that my two sisters and I spent money on large appliances while we were there for them.  So ladies, let’s listen to what Nely has to say and use that tremendous power to give rise to the voice of the Latina for our families, our communities and our workplace.


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