What is Influence Coaching?

Think of Mother Teresa or Gandhi or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they didn’t use influence tactics or power plays–they were influential. After years of study, Dr. Karen Keller identified seven crucial traits that have a direct impact on a person’s level of influence. Everyone possesses these traits to varying degrees, and it’s those variances that affect your influence. We are a KII ® Partner, giving us access to her research based assessment of Influence Potential to help you become influential.


Increase in Performance Targets


Increase in Leadership


Increase in Team Competency

Indiana-Purdue University reported a 51% increase in shared leadership, a 57% increase in enhanced team competency, and a 64% increase in developing measurable performance targets in their Department of Continuing Education after receiving Influence Coaching.

What Is Your Part in the Coaching Partnership?

  1. To begin you, take the KII™ and set up an appointment for a 1 hour debrief.
  2. The KII™ will provide a clear roadmap to begin affecting change in your life and identify where to start developing the level of influence you desire to have.
  3. Establish with the Coach a schedule that supports your Influence Journey.

Influence Coaching Services Include:

  1. KII™ Assessment
  2. Debrief
  3. Coaching (Customized)
  4. Client Workbook

I’m ready to Make An Influential Shift with LNC Coaching.

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