What is Group Coaching?

A small-group process throughout which there is the application of coaching principles for the purpose of personal or professional development, the achievement of goals, or greater self-awareness, along thematic or non-thematic lines. -Jennifer Britton, MES, CPT, CPCC, Potential Realized.


Increased Productivity

An International Personnel Management Association survey on training and development found that when training was combined with coaching, productivity increased an average of 88 percent.


Improved in Leadership Effectiveness

Agilent Technologies, the Alliance for Strategic Leadership found that 78 percent of participants improved their leadership effectiveness after receiving coaching.


Use Coaching

Nearly 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use executive coaches to produce better leaders faster.*

*Source “Coached To Lead” by Susan Battley.

What is Your Part in the Group Coaching Process?

If you have a small-group that you want to expand their potential and help them be thought provoking and creative individuals and a powerful team that inspires other to maximize their personal and professional potential, make an appointment with me.

Group Coaching Services Include:

  1. Team Assessments
  2. Debriefs of the Assessments
  3. Group Coaching Sessions
  4. Training (Can be negotiated as part of the program)
  5. Check-in with Management

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