WhAt is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a confidential, one-on-one partnership between a management-level client and a qualified coach with relevant performance enhancement expertise.
Executive Coaching at LNC Coaching
Executive Coaching at LNC Coaching
Executive Coaching at LNC Coaching

Who needs Executive Coaching?

We answer this by addressing two myths

Myth 1:

Successful People Don’t Need Coaches

Given that superstars ranging from Olympic athletes to elite business leaders use coaches to elevate their performance, this mind-set flies in the face of reality and common sense. At championship levels, even small incremental gains in performance can have a profound effect on the results, often being the difference between winner and runner-up, between capturing the gold medal or the bronze. (Susan Bately-Coached To Lead)

Myth 2:

I Get All the Feedback I Can Possibly Use Now

Ironically, as your span of authority and responsibility grows, the harder it can be to get unfiltered, unbiased information from colleagues and bosses too.


Increased Productivity

An International Personnel Management Association survey on training and development found that when training was combined with coaching, productivity increased an average of 88 percent.


Improved in Leadership Effectiveness

Agilent Technologies, the Alliance for Strategic Leadership found that 78 percent of participants improved their leadership effectiveness after receiving coaching.

on ROI

A 2001 study by Manchester Consulting of Executives who received coaching, showed an average ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment.

What Is Your Part in the Coaching Partnership?

It’s result oriented, so you need to have a vision of what success will look like for you so that you will know when you see it. Your goals and your company’s agenda will mesh perfectly if you bring both to the coaching partnership.
Being open to a new way of thinking. Coaching doesn’t demand your willingness to undergo a personality transplant or to uproot your entire system of behavior. Rather, coaching leverages two key characteristics that all peak performers possess: creativity and problem solving. Those who are at their best, or aspiring to be the best, tend to be aggressive lifelong learners.

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