Putting Your Best Foot Forward

To become credible in the eyes of another person takes time, commitment to personal integrity, and excellence through repetition.  Whether you are seeking to be recognized by your supervisor, or want to assert yourself as a leader in your industry, it’s important to...

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Latina Purchasing Power

Interview Nely Galan (Click to view interview) Last month, I blogged about the purchasing power that Latinas have, and so I found this great interview with Nely Galan who is speaking about the same thing.  My favorite quote in the clip is when she says " Women should...

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Latinas on the Plaza Conference 2012 Lawndale News

Ladies do you want to sharpen your ability to negotiate for a better position, the great projects, a salary you deserve, and a voice at the table?  Sign up today to attend the Latinas on the Plaza conference developed by Latinas for Latinas, on Thursday, March 15 at...

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