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I just spent a good hour and half listening to a woman entrepreneur I had never heard of before, but since the person who recommended that I check her out is a good friend, I did.  So hear I am thinking about whether or not I should purchase her services.  She looks and sounds like an entrepreneur, her story sounds very credible and she seem to be authentic in the manner she conveyed her story.  She even gave away a whole hour recording as her method for inviting me into her world.  Is there a cost in buying her program, well yes of course.  But she also gave several testimonials of individuals who have purchased her services and have made six figure incomes after putting into play her methods.  She has also been on TV, and has even been on one of my favorite shows the Secret Millionaire.  Will I buy her services, at this moment I think I will although she never really disclosed her price, so I have to speak to someone in order to get this information, clever, clever ploy.

Why, am I sharing this information with you?  I did not wake up this morning with any intention of buying a new service for my professional business development, but the authentic communication style that this woman used has in fact reeled me in.  And that my friend, is the lesson to be learned here.  There is great power in authentic conversation, first it invites people to listen to you, second it begins to tap into your social need-the need to be understood and be part of something, and third it calls the listener to action.  So today, before the lights go out, try to have an authentic conversation and observe the power it has on you and your listener.

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